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Ducker Adventure is live ! Play now on Android and everywhere

Duckapedia is the perfect knowledge center to learn all about Duckereum. It contains documentation, guides, a FAQ as well as various resources. Duckapedia is constantly being improved, so don’t hesitate to come back. Ducking cool!


Duckapedia has just been created, so it contains little information. Day after day, the team and the community are enriching it, so don’t hesitate to come back later or to ask your questions directly on Telegram.


The basics. If you want to start at the very beginning, this is the place.

Using your duckers

— How can i send some duckers? soon
— How can i receive some duckers? soon
— Can I use my duckers to buy stuff on the internet? soon

The Duckers

— How can i join the Duckers? soon
— How can i help? soon

How tos

Here we go, we show you from A to Z.

Create a wallet
Get some duckers
Make memes
— Participate in the meme contests soon

Duckapedia is under construction.
More to come.

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