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This page is still under construction and will be improved soon.

Duckereum is a fun and entertaining decentralized cryptocurrency developed by Mark Duckerberg, Warren Duckett and M0THERducker, built on the foundations of Dogecoin. Duckerberg believes that the crypto world has become boring and monotonous, and that it’s time to make it fun and exciting again. He wants good memes, and to pay for them, he’s creating a fun and light currency with no price or market cap targets and no incentives to “invest,” which (of course!) shouldn’t be financial advice.

What the d*ck is that?

Duckereum was born for several reasons. The first reason is the void left by Dogecoin. Dogecoin was basically just a satirical cryptocurrency, full of mockery and lightheartedness. Community spirit, memes, laughter and fun were at the heart of the project. Since then, due to its huge success, speculators and influencers have joined the movement, and discussions are almost all about the dollar value. Those of us who learned about cryptocurrency later missed the good times! Kudos to some Reddit members who are as funny as ever! Ok, but there are other meme currencies that have been created since then, you may ask? The vast majority of them are just in a race to market capitalization and were created to get rich quick at the expense of many people. Their main goal is to find new “investors” so that the price can be increased and the first buyers can “change their lives” and “be financially free” at the expense of everyone else. They do not deserve to be called “meme” currencies.

Why Duckereum?

The name comes from the irony of the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum network is an absolutely incredible technical and decentralized achievement, whose real added value over Bitcoin lies in the fact that anyone can create an application or cryptocurrency on the network thanks to smartcontracts. Vitalik, the creator, hoped for initiatives that would serve humanity, but today his blockchain is mainly used by unscrupulous people who create tokens to scam naive beginners and steal their money, and to host jpegs that can be worth millions of dollars. And all of this is unstoppable. Duckereum exposes all this nonsense and makes fun of it.

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