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Make crypto fun again.

Duckereum is a fun and entertaining decentralized cryptocurrency created by Mark Duckerberg, Warren Duckett and M0THERducker, which builds on the foundations of Dogecoin. Duckerberg believes that the crypto world has become boring, repetitive, and that it's time to make it fun and exciting again. He wants good memes, and to pay them, he creates a fun and light currency, with no price or marketcap targets, and no incentives to "invest" that aren't financial advice (of course!), things we see routinely today. He talks to two crypto-friends: Warren, a veteran whose life was changed by bitcoin, and MD, a super IT mum who loves memes, and just like that, you're on a website where Duckerberg talks about himself in the third person as he writes all this with his own two hands feet.

Duckereum Three fake gold Duckereum made with Photoshop
It is A cryptocurrency
Name Duckereum
Type Token
Blockchain Ethereum (ah ah)
Motto Make Crypto Fun Again
Initial release July 5, 2022
Utility You already asked, read the motto
Live data
Price $0.003679
Marketcap $367.9 K
24h volume $19,217
Duckers 857

These data have been updated just now, and are as close as possible to reality. Feel free to check for yourself on Etherscan and on cryptocurrencies aggregators like CoinMarketCap.

Duckereum is a pure meme currency. Like many others, you said? Read on.

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  1. What the d*ck is that?
  2. Diary
  3. Crypto boring stuff
  4. Community
  5. Get started
  6. And now, have some fun

What the d*ck is that?

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Duckereum was born of several things. The first is the void left by Dogecoin. Dogecoin was basically just a satirical cryptocurrency, full of derision and lightheartedness. Community spirit, memes, laughter and fun were at the heart of the project. Since then, due to its huge success, speculators and influencers have joined the movement, and discussions now almost only revolve around its dollar value. We, who have known the crypto later, have missed the good times! Kudos to some Reddit members who remain as hilarious as ever! Ok, but there are other meme currencies created since then, you may ask? The vast majority of them are just in a marketcap race, created to get rich quick at the expense of many people. Their main objective is to find new "investors" so that the price can be increased, and the first buyers can "change their lives", "be financially free", at the expense of everyone else. They don't deserve to be called "meme" currencies.

Duckereum was born out of frustration. We want to relive the early days of Dogecoin! We want to make crypto fun again. Duckereum has no marketcap objectives, and no strategy to increase the price of the token: no burn, no buy back, no active marketing, no incentive to buy. Those who buy Duckereum are not seen as investors, but as fun people who want to be part of a decadent adventure, and want to support a simple and refreshing initiative in this boring world of hustlers. To begin with, Duckereum will have no use other than to reward meme competitions. Eventually, maybe some great DUCKERS will have ideas, and want to develop new tools or products to make Duckereum more useful to people, and more fun. Welcome to a long adventure.

Why Duckereum?

The name comes from the irony of the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum network is an absolutely incredible technical and decentralized achievement, whose real added value compared to Bitcoin lies in the fact that anyone can create an application or a cryptocurrency on the network, thanks to smartcontracts. Vitalik, its creator, hoped to see initiatives that would serve humanity, but today his blockchain is mostly used by unscrupulous people who create tokens to scam naive beginners and steal their money, and to host jpegs that can be worth millions of dollars. And all this is unstoppable. Duckereum represents all this nonsense and make fun of it.

Meme contests

Every week, a meme contest is organized by the Duckereum team on the official twitter account. A theme is imposed, related to the news, and the winner receives some Duckereum known in advance:

  • Meme contest #1 to #25: 25,000 Duckereum for the winner
  • Meme contest #26 to #75: 15,000 Duckereum for the winner
  • Meme contest #76 to #150: 10,000 Duckereum for the winner
  • Meme contest #151 to #250: 5,000 Duckereum for the winner

The winner is chosen through a vote by the Duckereum DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization): all those who hold Duckereum can vote for their favourite meme. That's all. Be sure to read the complete meme contest process here.


Duckerberg didn't experience the early days of Dogecoin, and he would have loved to be able to read about the progress of the venture, week by week, as if someone had kept a diary telling it all. So that's what he'll do for Duckereum. In the completely insane scenario where a cryptocurrency with no purpose other than rewarding meme contests ends up seducing millions of people, we need to avoid the frustration of future generations who won't have been able to witness it all. Ah, and it will make the job of Netflix showrunners easier. You can read the diary here.

Crypto boring stuff

Here again, a short sentence to describe the image, don't forget to replace this text! Or keep it, who cares?

Duckereum is a cryptocurrency that lives on the Ethereum blockchain. There are 100,000,000 tokens, all existing from the start. At launch, 5% of the supply was added to the community wallet, which you can find here on Etherscan (duckereum.eth). Half of this wallet is used to reward the 250 meme contests that will be held over the next few years (1 new contest every Monday), according to the share above. Wondering if the rewards in Duckereum will change in case the marketcap gets ridiculously high? Hmm, you should not care about the dollar value.

The other half of the wallet will be used for what the community has decided through voting, thanks to the DAO. This pool can be used to power apps, pay some fees, etc. Every use of this wallet without exception is justified on a Google Sheets that everyone can consult here.

  • No tax
  • No burn
  • No inflation
  • No deflation
  • No buy back
  • No active marketing
  • Contract renounced
  • Uniswap liquidity burned


Official global community

Duckerberg's selfie sent to Facebook

Get started

To be part of the Duckereum adventure, simply join the community and enjoy the good atmosphere, the memes, the discussions (sometimes crazy, sometimes serious, but always enjoyable). Want to go further and own some Duckereum? No need to buy any, just participate in the meme contests organized every week on Twitter, and use your genius (or stupidity, sometimes it works even better) to make people laugh and bring them joy. If you are the winner, you will receive many Duckereum!

Oh, we see you! You still want to buy some, like investing with the hope of making a fortune like the first people who bought Doge, right? Ok, so, here's our advice to you: the crypto market is cruel, extremely volatile and full of wolves. You could lose your entire investment (or almost). On top of that, Duckereum is a currency that has no other purpose than to make crypto fun again, and we have no intention of making any effort to increase its dollar value. So, if you want to invest in Duckereum, be sure to do the following with your hard-earned money: first, pay all your bills, pay off your debts, make sure your family doesn't lack anything. If there is anything left over after that, please your loved ones with gifts. If there's anything left over after that, invest in some super revolutionary stuff that humanity needs, or make a donation to help people or animals in need. AND, finally, if there's anything left over after that, that you can spend without it making any difference to you, then it's ok, you can... hmmm, no. Learn to make good memes.

I don't know how to make memes, so...

And now, have some fun

After all this reading, which we hope wasn't too boring (that would be the last straw!), we decided to share with you some cool stuff. Have fun, and see you soon folks.

(sorry, we don't know who the geniuses are who made these memes, we would have been delighted to quote you guys! Keep up the good work!)

Feel free to contact us at [email protected]