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Ducker Adventure is live ! Play now on Android and everywhere


This page is still under construction and will be improved soon.

Duckereum was born out of disappointment. We want to revive the beginnings of Dogecoin! We want crypto to be fun again. Duckereum has no market cap targets and no strategy to increase the price of the token: no burn, no buy back, no active marketing, no incentive to buy. Those who buy Duckereum are not seen as investors, but as people who want to have fun, be part of a decadent adventure and support a simple and refreshing initiative in this boring world of scammers. In the beginning, Duckereum will have no other purpose than to reward meme contests. Maybe some great DUCKERS have ideas and want to develop new tools or products to make Duckereum more interesting and fun for people. Welcome to a long adventure.

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