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What is a meme?

A meme is an image, a short video or gif, usually supplemented by text. A meme contains a satirical, humorous or even socially critical message. In 1976, the British biologist Richard Dawkins published his book on the subject of “The Selfish Gene.” In it, the word “meme” appears and stands for a kind of thought module that can pass on information almost unchanged. There are different memes – some focus on word jokes and puns, others on black humor or social trends. The better known a meme is, the more successful it is. Copyright does not play a central role.

What is the purpose of a meme?

Memes are primarily used for entertainment and make fun of certain situations or things.
Apart from that, meme makers often take up current political topics and reflect them in a satirical way in order to draw attention to an issue.

How can you create a meme?

There are many different meme generators on the Internet, such as:

Users can upload their own images, gifs or videos here and then process them into a meme and download them again for free. After you have uploaded the image, you have to insert your text into the text blocks. Two text fields are recommended so that there is not too much text and the image still remains clearly recognizable.

Known memes

Many famous memes feature real people who have subsequently become famous as memes. In most cases, the original image is not uploaded with the intention of ending up as a famous meme. Viewers suddenly use the image and create a meme from it, which becomes famous overnight as it is shared everywhere. A well-known example of this is the “Disaster Girl” meme.

On the meme, you can see a little girl smiling proudly into the camera while the firefighters behind her are in the process of putting out a fire in a house. The snapshot became an internet meme hit.

A meme doesn’t always have to be a personal image – movie or series clips are also very popular.


A meme can be created from almost any image. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine life without them and they are part of Internet culture. At the same time, this also invites people to think about which images they want to post of themselves on the web. Companies use memes for their marketing to reach a younger target group as well. People who have become famous through a viral meme also like to be shown in commercials.

As always, the best guide to making memes is to actually give it a go. Make a meme today and share it on social media!

Try it and have fun!

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