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Dear Duckers, the rules for meme contests are changing, as decided by the team. Here are the details:

How to enter?

1. Hold $5 worth of Duckereum

2. Follow @duckereum on Twitter

3. Like and retweet the post with your meme + tag 3 friends and #Duckereum #MakeCryptoFunAgain @Tesla #tesla @elonmusk #cybertruck

4. Join the private Telegram group dedicated to the meme contests, by following this link ( (click on “Start” and follow the procedure — Collab Land [a bot] will check that you have the minimum required Duckereum)

5. Post your meme in the Telegram group, along with the link to your Tweet.

6. End date for posting memes 14/12 at 12:00 UTC

Done 👏🏻 !


How the winner is chosen

On Friday 15/12 we will publish all the memes in the DAO of the project, and the community will have 3 days to vote.

At the end of the voting in the DAO, a capture of the visualizations of each meme will be made in X (Twitter).

We will give 10 points to 1, being the highest score for the meme with the most votes in the DAO.

We will give 10 points to 1, with the highest score going to the meme with the most views.

We will add both scores, and the meme with more points will be the winner.


Your proposal

You can participate by posting a meme, a GIF, a video, or any other audio visual content that is funny (surprise us!) — unless exception clearly mentioned on the tweet announcing the contest. Any NSFW submission, racist, or discriminatory will not be considered. Be funny, but be sure not to hurt anyone (we’re here to laugh, not cry).

Thanks for reading!

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